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11/17/11 ♥ 12

Frequently Asked Questions

((I should have done this when the questions started to pile up to over 300 ;u;))

What program do you use to draw the doodles? What tools do you use?

((I use SAI Paint Tool to draw out the doodles.  After that I touch them up in Adobe Photoshop CS3, I also CS3 for gif purposes. If you want to know where to get SAI & CS3… Please don’t ask me LOL. I had to use my own ability to get them. As for the tools, I have an ancient Aiptek tablet LOL, but it gets the job done!)) 

What’s your personal tumblr? Or Twitter?

((My personal tumblr is hogod and my twitter is yeolling.))

May I use your art for an icon? Or [insert whatever here]? ←

((Yes. Of course. A bit of credit would be nice also.))

Can I request some [Insert Some OTP] doing [Insert Whatever]? ←

((As much as I love all OTPs in Infinite, I can’t draw some of them. One - You have all wonderful requests, but they’re all so similar in some way so I can’t really decide what to draw. Two - I want everyone to enjoy this tumblr, plus a lot of people have different opinions, and I don’t want to make people cringe or be “That OTP is so overrated/fan-service” at the OTPs. I usually just draw random members together so you might see some OTP action? Who knows. But for the time being, the cliche OTP questions will have to be unanswered. Though if you’re lucky, you’ll see some.))

It’s my birthday! My exam is coming up! Wish me luck! ←

((Happy Sweetest Birthday, all personally from me! Good luck, I wish you all the best, really I do. BUT I can’t draw a drawing for these either, because I’ve already gotten a bunch of requests that relates to birthdays and exams. The drawings… they take awhile to do, and it’s time consuming for me to think of an idea. And they’re also single requests so, again, more time consuming! I’m really sorry!))

I can’t tell the members apart! Who’s answering? ←

((This is why the member guide exists! Though from time to time, I might change the boys’ looks, but it will always be tagged as “member guide” so all you have to do is refer to that tag, and you’ll be keep up to date with what the boys look like. As for who’s answering, I always make it obvious, and I always tag the member in order of position, so it’s not really hard.))

Why do you take so long to reply? Why haven’t you answered my question? ←

((I’m still a very young adult haha. I have a life and I run/co-run about 3 other blogs. Another thing, school is always a first-priority-number-1 thing on my list so that’s why I usually answer on the weekends (or at least try to). Sometimes I get the same question over and over again, so I get a bit OCD and gather those questions together to see what I can do. I do not answer the questions based on favoritism, nor do I answer it by first-come first-serve basis. It also takes me awhile to come up with ideas, so that’s why some questions haven’t been answered yet.))

I love your tumblr!! This tumblr is so cute!! It makes my day!! Et cetera. ←

((I cannot express to you all how I am so so so so thankful for these messages. Ask-Inpiniteu has been getting a lot of support from everywhere and it makes me want to tear up sometimes!! They really make my day and it’s something really sweet for all these messages to be in my inbox. Really, thank you so much!!! ♥♥♥))